Pedreguer´s new waste collection service

Pedreguer Town Council is launching a new waste collection service over the next few weeks which will involve some changes for citizens.

A number of collection points will be built where the containers will be placed to deposit the waste. When all of the containers are operational, all of the containers that are currently distributed throughout the municipality will be removed.
This change will mean a substantial improvement in our town, because the areas where the containers are located are often dirty and are places where waste is improperly abandoned. It is hoped that these areas will be fewer, and that they will also become places that give a good image to be cared for and watched over. The Town Council understands that a clean and cared for town is a town that its neighbours value more and live better.

These booths will provide a service in the urbanisations and outlying areas of the town, as well as serving as a support service for residents of the town centre who have not been able to make use of the night-time collection service. The collection service in the town centre of Pedreguer will remain the same for the time being.

The location of these bins for the urbanization of La Sella: Avda. de L’Alacantí (Collao), Avd. del Vinalopó Mitjà, Avd. de la Marina Baixa, Avd. de la Marina Alta amb el C/ Plana Baixa, Avd. de la Marina Alta in front of Mimoses, C/ de la Safor.

Before the start-up of these bins, the people who have to use these facilities will be given what they need for their use: a pack of compostable bags for organic waste, an aerated bucket to collect organic waste inside the home, a set of raffia bags to recycle the selective fractions and the personal and individual access code to the contribution bins where the containers are located.

For the delivery of these materials, the company that provides the collection service has set up information points where residents can collect their kits and will give them their code. It should be noted that all the collection points will be closed and can only be accessed with the housing code, so it is necessary that everyone takes care to get theirs.

In addition, the Town Council has set up a Telegram information channel where it will periodically give all the information related to the waste collection service of Pedreguer, so that anyone can be fully informed. You can join this channel by following this URL:

We would also like to remind you that two environmental educators are at the disposal of all the citizens, who will help anyone who needs it to solve all their doubts, and between all of us to make the best possible management of our waste. Telephone numbers: Noèlia Morata +34 661 956 438 Isabel Cano +34 661 956 444.


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