Euribor September 2021

The Euribor, which is used every month as a reference for the calculation of most mortgages in Spain, closed August at -0.492%, that is, 0.006 points less than the previous month, when it stood at -0.498%.

The Euribor is the index to which most mortgages in Spain are referenced. This quotation means that an average mortgage, which in Spain is 120,000 euros for 20 years, and which is revised in August, will pay 3,70 euros less in its monthly payment, which will mean a difference of about 45 euros per year, as the Euribor has dropped by 0.0779 points with respect to September 2020.

The Euribor started 2021 -0.505%, accumulating an increase of 0,013 points.


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