Well done Denia!

Being awarded, it’s not easy. But the hardest part comes later, and that is to maintain or even raise the level acquired. The Mediterranean city of Denia, Alicante, has succeeded. In December 2015, UNESCO awarded Denia the title of Creative City of Gastronomy. 

After four years, it was time in 2020 to pass the UNESCO exam. The evaluation committee of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, made up of member cities, has already issued the report on the work carried out during these four years. Denia has passed this examination with flying colours and is thus renewed within the select international group for another four years.

Denia stands out as “excellent” for the synergies created between the City Council, the university, the institutions and the private sector to make the Creative City great, emphasizing the promotion and preservation of local traditions and their high quality products, the effort to integrate the Creative City project into the educational sphere, and many initiatives among which the gastronomic festival D*NA stands out.

Congratulations to all for the united efforts!

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